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EUConcilia aims to contribute to the development of the common European Lifelong Learning area enforcing European integration.

EUConcilia´s services include hosting of workshops and seminars in the educational context, project development, management (e.g. Grundtvig project "FOCAL") and evaluation on European level (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci project "Competence Coach"), especially in the fields (adult) education, employment and health.

The staff of EUConcilia has comprehensive experience in quality management and (self-)evaluation and is skilled in offering trainings and European project management. EUConcilia works in cooperation with municipalities, universities, training institutions, umbrella organisations and NGOs.


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Evalitas OG is a competent partner for evaluation, training and consultancy in the field of education.

Our evaluation processes are created as learning processes, we use a multi-perspective approach and attach great importance to the views of all persons involved. The aim is to empower people who work in the field of education by opening a new perspective regarding learning and professionalisation and activating their potential for growth.

Evalitas OG
Ulmgasse 44 D, A-8053 Graz


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Finnish Adult Education Association


The Finnish Adult Education Association is an umbrella organisation for non-formal adult education in Finland. It is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1969. FAEA´s main responsibilities are promoting non-formal adult education and learning, and international co-operation.


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Kunst en Uitleg


This professional practice stands for fine arts and art education. Paola de Bruijn focuses on creative and artistic development, and on the application of content and creativity on visual processes and their meaning.

Through arts I want to discover my place in the world and what to add to it. By observing, arranging and decorating I explore form, which is visible, and emotion, the invisible. I create composite works: combinations of photography, drawing, silkscreen printing and embroidery, made in variations. In this way, I intend to create a new reality on the fragility of life. The request for balance between form and content, between technique and expression and between individuality and tradition is always present.

With art education it is all about artistic fulfilment. In curricula and teaching, materials, needs, wishes and requirements determine form and content. How can we ensure a personal artistic growth to young and adult learners? The focus here is on participation, zooming in on development, autonomy, emotion, inclusion and cooperation. Ultimately, it is not art as an end, but as a means to develop yourself as a person. Art is a guide to this endeavour to be. Individual identity is placed central.

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Nowostawski Osrodek Kultury


Mission Nowostawski Cultural Centre is broadly defined an educational institute and a realisation of municipal cultural policy. Our task is to foster and satisfy the cultural needs of inhabitants of commune Nowy Staw.

We try to educate the public through contacts with art, and by conducting ensambles, organising workshops, sections, interest groups and clubs of hobbyists. We try to create conditions for maintaning the tradition of folklore, including handicrafts and folk art. For this purpose, we organise exhibitions, competitions, concerts, outdoor events and reviews. The Calendar of Events Cultural Centre is a series of celerations and events, cyclical or occasional.

An extra school education is realised in the form of thematic sections, and in periods of school holidays, winter holidays or vacation , we strive to provide children, adolescents and adults with an interesting program of leisure activities.

We cooperated with local educational institutions, non-governmental associations and organisations that specialize in the field of culture and art.

For years we chronicle Cultural Centre, which during many festivals is a showcase not only our institution but also cultural events throughout of community.

Cultural Centre is also broad-based on rural activities community centres where classes take place every day after school for various functions. From year to year come dayrooms, and their range increases.

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