Project idea

The learning partnership "E-MAP" 2011 - 2013 focuses on learner and staff development at the same time. On the one hand it aims at the improvement of the every day work of the staff of the small adult education providers (SAEP) and on the improvement of skills of staff in regard to quality assurance and quality monitoring systems. On the other hand the project aims at learners of the SAEP who will benefit from the improved quality of the education providers' offers. The staff will participate in an intensive exchange throughout the transnational meetings and during the bilateral meeting with the tandem partner. All participants will have the possibility to share their experiences and problems/challenges in their everyday work throughout the lifetime of the learning partnership. They can benefit form the expertise of the other partners.

Additionally by the implementation of interviews to identify the main challenges and needs in their institutions the staff can identify and systematise the problems and challenges in a first step. This includes e.g. the compilation of a partner report, stating e.g. the status quo of the quality monitoring system used, factors of the own mission statement and current similarities and/or differences to superior adult education strategies (e.g. on national and European level). In a next step an exchange with the international partners about possible solutions will be implemented.

The learners (e.g. volunteer workers in the partner organisations and/or users of educational offers) will be included from the beginning of the project in national focus groups. They will bring in their views and experiences in the field of the reception of the problems caused by semi-professional or volunteer based quality management. They will furthermore assist the staff in collecting information and implementing interviews (as interview partners and interviewer) for the partner reports. At least during the last two transnational meetings and the bilateral tandem meeting the learners will participate actively in the transnational context of the partnership and bring in their expertise and present the findings e.g. of the partner reports.

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